Flying over La Rioja

Those of us who love to feel free and fly like birds, to feel the air through our face, running through our hair, we propose a different and unique alternative that is a great experience for every traveler!

The Rioja

We talk about furrowing the skies of the Rioja, in Paramotor! Activity that does not require more knowledge than the natural feeling of adventure, you will travel sitting in a small motor vehicle, two-seater for you and the guide, who will lead you throughout the vast wine regions, where autumn seems to have arrived to stay.

The Rioja

The flight consists of panoramic routes, where the passenger is attached to the pilot, joined by a safety harness, flying with the engine artifact that carries a propeller at the rear to propel it, also depends on a small paraglider indicated for maneuvering, such as the set of ascent and descent.

The Rioja

Ehh then! Let’s go to the city of Santo Domingo de the road, where we will start the aerial routes !!!

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