Food Market – Santiago de Compostela

The Supply Market of Santiago de Compostela is in the Supply Square of the historical Center from the city. It is one of the five most important buildings of its kind in Spain. It is currently the second most visited place in Santiago, behind the Cathedral.

The current building was designed by the architect Joaquín Vaquero Palacios, in 1941, retrofitting the building of the Old City Market, from 1870. It is divided into four naves that occupy 5,600 square meters. Made in granite stalls, with barrel vault roofs and exterior roof, it is illuminated by large half-point windows.

This market is highly appreciated for the quality of the fresh products It offers and for the variety of them, attracting both locals and visitors. There you can find all the harvest of land and sea, in addition to jewelry, handicrafts and gifts of Galician manufacture. Welcomes 177 businesses already 250 producing countrymen They offer their harvest in the market. Has a coffee shop very particular, in it you can prepare the products that you have bought in the market for your consumption, without a doubt a very unique service.

The Supply Market open daily, except Sundays and holidays between 7 and 14 hours. Fortunately, the merchant cooperative that manages it owns a website ( where the purchase can be made and the order can also be made via telephone in the 981 583 438.

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