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Free Amsterdam: enjoy what the city offers without paying

Amsterdam It is the largest city of Netherlands and the cultural, economic and historical center of this country. Amsterdam It is not a very expensive city if we compare it with others cities of Europe like London and Paris, however, if we don’t have much information about the city, we may spend more money than we need to travel their Main tourist attractions.

Yes we travel to Amsterdam With a small budget, it does not matter because we can enjoy what the city offers without having to pay, then the Amsterdam tourist attractions that we can meet for free:

Begijnhof Built during the fourteenth century, the Begijnhof is one of the oldest inner courtyards of the city and houses the oldest house in Amsterdam. The Begijnhof is a quiet place where we can get away from the city and get closer to the Amsterdam tradition. We can visit the Begijnhof from Monday to Sunday from 09:00 to 17:00 hours.

Rijksmuseum gardens. In the gardens of this museum we can visit spaces decorated with sculptures, monuments and a variety of typical Amsterdam flora. In addition, we can request a free guide that will give us information about the fountains, monuments, sculptures, and other architectural pieces found in the Rijksmuseum Gardens.

Ferry ride In Amsterdam we can travel for free on the Buikersloterwegveer ferry and, for an average of five minutes, tour tourist areas of the city. The ferry operates every day of the week 24 hours a day and can be taken every seven minutes in the morning and every fifteen minutes at night and early in the morning.

Civic Guard. In Amsterdam we can visit for free the Civic Guard gallery located in the Historical Museum of Amsterdam. In the gallery we can visit an exhibition of portraits from the early eighteenth century.

Flowers market. Bloemenmarkt, the flower market in Amsterdam, is an indispensable place of visit for every tourist that comes to the city. The Bloemenmarkt holds the title of being the only floating flower market on the planet, in addition, you can not only buy flowers but also seeds and everything you need to organize our own garden.

Jordaan channels. The Jordaan Canals are ideal for watching a sunset in Amsterdam. In this neighborhood we can also visit galleries and art stores.

Dam Square In Dam Square we will find one of the most important points of cultural tourism in Amsterdam: the obelisk monument to World War II. In addition, we will find the Royal Palace, and various nightlife spaces.

Amsterdam markets. The Albertcuyp Market and the Waterlooplein yal Market are the two recommended street markets of the city if we are looking to acquire second-hand products in perfect condition.

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