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Free Buenos Aires, enjoy what the city offers without paying

Buenos Aires is the capital of the Republic of Argentina and it is the financial and cultural center of this country located in South America. Buenos Aires It is one of the favorite tourist destinations of travelers who travel to South America.

Buenos Aires it is a city located on the western shore of Silver river in the Pampas plain and is one of the cosmopolitan cities par excellence of South America. Buenos Aires It has different destinations that we can visit for free both in the city center and in the micro center and the suburbs. Within the destinations that we can visit for free in Buenos Aires, we find:

Recoleta In this Buenos Aires neighborhood we can have a quiet coffee enjoying the landscape of the streets full of trees and traditional architectures, we can also visit antique dealers and the Recoleta Cemetery. In addition, in the Recoleta there is the Basilica Our Lady of Pilar, one of the most representative churches in the city that was built by the Jesuits in 1732.

Plaza Mayo and Avenida de Mayo. Here we can observe constructions such as the Casa Rosada, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Cabildo, The Apple of Lights (where the oldest church in the city is hidden), and the Tortoni coffee (symbol of Buenos Aires and Tango).

Center. In the Buenos Aires downtown it is essential to visit the facade of Colon Theater (one of the best exponents of lyrical theater).

Mouth. Buenos Aires neighborhood famous for its picturesque houses and for hosting the Boca Juniors Stadium. La Boca borders San Telmo, Puerto Madero and Barracas. In La Boca we will also find the popular Caminito, a street immortalized by tango and where we can acquire souvenirs and crafts typical of Argentina.

Madero Port. We can visit the Woman’s bridge, the bronze monument to Juan Manuel Fangio. In addition, for an average of two euros we can visit the President Sarmiento Frigate, the first Argentine school ship that is currently a museum.

Some museums that have days – especially on Sundays – where we can visit exhibitions for free are: National Museum of Fine Arts; Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires; National Museum of Decorative Art; Museum of Hispanic-American Art; Palais de Glace (where samples of sculptures and photographs are permanently exhibited), Borges Cultural Center; and, the National Library.

Finally, for nature lovers and outdoor activities, in Buenos Aires We will also find a wide variety of parks, squares, bridges, and ports, where one can relax and admire the beautiful landscapes of this city.

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