Free nightclubs in Ibiza

Ticket prices to nightclubs in Ibiza They depend a lot on the party and the time you go. Sometimes there are passes with discounts and there is even free admission until a certain time.

Free nightclubs in Ibiza

In Space Ibiza It can cost from 45 to 55 euros. In Privilege Ibiza, from 35 to 46 euros. In Amnesia It goes from 20 to 50 euros, generally. In Pacha It is from 37 to 45 euros. However, in Ibiza You can find good discounts through certain promotions and you can even point to the list of tickets for free. Especially free nights are known promoters little known in Ibiza Y San Antonio

Free nightclubs in Ibiza dj

There are clubs where you can enter for free by registering through their website as SuperMarXé de Privilege.

Free nightclubs in Ibiza drinks

There are also internet portals that offer free tickets through raffles and other modalities.
The entrance does not necessarily include a drink. A vodka with lemon can cost 10 euros and a beer costs 8 euros.

Having fun in a nightclub in Ibiza.

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