Freefall by Castilla de la Mancha

Falling from a height of 5 kilometers high at ground level of La Mancha, while we feel the air pressure, shape our flight by contouring our body with turns and pirouettes, as we approach the surface that is gradually becoming clearer, where we can see the horizon with extensive fields of a strong purple color, covered with dew, we see endless small lagoons that resemble desert oases in the town of Castilla de la Mancha!


An adventure that requires a strong and adventurous heart, which takes us to this extreme modality of enjoying the landscape of La Mancha, where a free fall jump divided by phases that transport us by air by plane for a period of 20 minutes, to then throw ourselves into space for a fully adrenaline span of 25 seconds, which we can enjoy with total security if it is our first time we launch, we will “stick” to a monitor, held by a harness to the chest of the fully experienced instructor who controls the fall and its movements, known as “Tandem Fall” where the safety and the good development of our trip is guaranteed, also for those who do not like it and want to live 100% free as eagles, then there is the possibility to take some courses that prepare you for one of the greatest adventures of our existence, inhabit the heavens like birds even for a few seconds The free fall lasts and for about 8 minutes we descend by parachute!


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