French gastronomy: crepes

French cuisine is one of the most valued in the world. One of his star dishes is the famous crepe (written in French crepe), an easily crafted product that can be done in different ways. In this article, we explain how to prepare French crepes and give you curious facts about them.

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The necessary ingredients to prepare crepes as the French do are the following:

  • 250 g Of flour
  • 4 eggs
  • 500 ml milk
  • 50 g of butter
  • 1 tablespoon oil
  • Salt
  • Sugar
If you want the crepe to be sweet, the flour used in France for those cases is that of candeal wheat. For savory crepes, buckwheat flour is used.

To give them a different flavor, some people also add rum ingredients or some kind of liquor to the ingredients. The first step for the elaboration is to throw the milk, eggs, salt and sugar into flour. Beat all this by hand, with a mixer or with a Thermomix.

Let the dough rest for one hour. Then, butter is spread in a pan and wait for it to be hot. After this, we take a soup dough ladle and distribute it throughout the pan.

You have to heat the dough over low heat for about a minute and then carefully turn it over and leave it again for another minute. Once the crepe is golden on both sides, we take it out.

This action of spreading the butter and pouring the dough is repeated until the ingredients are finished. With the amounts indicated here, we will have approximately eight crepes.

People who professionally make crepes have special machines to prepare them, although they are increasingly available to anyone. There are different sizes and can be electric or gas.


The combinations of flavors that can be made in terms of crepe filling are numerous. However, there are some that are more popular and have their own name, such as the following:

the filling is from Beurre Suzzette or Suzette butter, made with butter, sugar, orange juice and orange liqueur known as triple sec.
Au sucre
It is served with sprinkled sugar and lemon juice.
Au beurre I left
The filling is based on a kind of salted butter.
À la crème pâtissière
It has custard and nuts.
The ingredient that makes it special is smoked salmon.

Apart from these, one of the most successful crepes among the sweet tooth is the filling of chocolate or some cocoa cream like Nutella. On the other hand, if you are looking to take care of yourself, there are also some options of integral crepes or Light.

Innovations are also carried out in this type of food. For example, one of the most fashionable is the one that has matcha green tea, which makes the crepe that color.


To talk about the origin of crepes we have to go back to the time of the Middle Ages, when they began to cook in Brittany, west of France. This meal was ideal for farmers, as it was easy to transport.

Since then, crepes have been a typical dish of French cuisine. So much so, that there is a special day for them: on February 2, during the feast of la Chandeleur or Candelaria, the tradition is to cook and eat crepes.

Although crepes are typical of France, they are currently consumed in different countries. Therefore, we can find specialized restaurants in Spain, Argentina or Mexico, among other territories.

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