Gastronomic route through Barcelona

It is already known that the beautiful city of Barcelona, ​​is one of the richest in culture, beauty and of course because not to say, one of the best in terms of gastronomy is concerned!

Barcelona Photography

This time we will embark on a Journey to the City of Barcelona, to discover its famous “Gastronomic Route”, an excellent option for all those travelers who wish to make the most of their city tour, moving away from the usual routes that take tourists through museums, large and historical cathedrals, walking through their Moved streets, until you reach the old town, where the greatest amount of local tourism is concentrated. However, the Gastronomic Route through Barcelona, offers an alternate tour of the cool terraces, the small cafes with a bohemian atmosphere, where a lot of poets, artists and writers meet to enjoy a fluid exchange of ideas, in addition to the small squares near its coast, They offer some of the most varied and exotic dishes of marine food.

Barcelona terraces

If you venture for the Gastronomic Route through Barcelona, in we recommend you visit the famous Café L’Opera located in the Ramba, in addition to the Quinze Nits or the popular Ambos Mundos!

Photo of the Cafes of Barcelona

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