Gastronomy – Andorra

The gastronomy from Andorra enjoy the strength and power of its geography. Its variety of ingredients and flavors reminds us that it is a diverse country. Their typical dishes They are based on the field. Highlights include game meats, river fish, cereals, and fruits such as peaches and berries.

One of the most characteristic features of this kitchen is the mixture of two types of meat. Among the outstanding dishes is the civet of deer and wild boar, tough and very tasty meats. You will find them roasted in the oven and accompanied by mushrooms or legumes. Meats like rabbit’s can also be found combined with ox, duck or pork. The meat of the latter will also be found sliced ​​in honey and vinegar that gives it a bittersweet taste. They call them rostes al mel and it is a very popular dish. But if you prefer white meat, you can not stop trying the partridge to the vinaigrette, with a soft texture and acid taste.

Desserts are not far behind. Torrijas (bread dipped in honey and cream) and coca masegada (unleavened pasta made with wheat flour, eggs, salt, sugar, muscatel and brandy) will leave you wishing you had tried them long before. As for fruit-based desserts, dried apricots (dried peach skin, boiled with wine and sugar) and dried fruit salad (always combined with sweet sauces and creams), are inevitable on the table.

Sample of Andorran love for cooking is the amount of culinary events during the year. Highlights of the Gastronomic Show ”(Ordino), Fiesta de la Escudella (Andorra la Vella) and the Feast of San Sebastià (Sant Julià de Lòria). Go ahead and try the constellation of flavors of Andorra.

Some restaurants recommended:


Premium cuisine in a small and quiet restaurant. Tradition and creativity are combined getting delicious results. Telephone: (+376) 826716
Pap smear

Central establishment where they offer a traditional menu. You can also taste delicious tapas and portions. Telephone: (+376) 867333
Estevet board

Reference of mountain cuisine in Andorra. It has seasonal products and typical cuisine of the country. Telephone: (+376) 864026

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