Gastronomy –Australia

Australian cuisine has British influences, because the first settlers were mostly British. Because it is a multicultural country, Australia has many delicious dishes with different flavors and ingredients. The cakes and meats with vegetables stand out.

The meatloaf, is the typical dish of Australia. The meatloaf is accompanied by dark sauce or “gravy” and vegetable salad. It consumes a lot in that country. They are also famous Cabanossi, which are a sausage similar to salami.

Meatloaf -Australia

In this country, dishes with crocodile and kangaroo meats, as well as crustaceans, are also consumed. Meats, fish and native plants are widely consumed by Australians. Your products are very fresh.

A dessert is the cake PavlovaIt is served with meringue and accompanied by fresh fruits such as mango, pineapple and papaya.

Australia is a major wine exporter in the world. Beer is another typical beverage, in addition to wine.

Australia has an excellent variety and quality of seafood and fish. You can see large lobsters, spider crabs, prawns. A very rich fish is barramundi.

Pavlova - Australia

It is advisable that you drink mineral water, in Australia there is the best quality. You will also find coffee and beer similar to that of North America. In some restaurants you will find a sign with the word BYO, which means that alcoholic drinks are not served in that place, but if they let you in with your own bottle of wine or beer. .

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