Gastronomy – Cantabria

The gastronomy from Cantabria It is favored by its geographical location, a space influenced by a varied natural environment, where places and ecosystems alternate to house the most select list of gastronomic raw materials.

Perhaps the most characteristic in Cantabria They are their seafood. The turbulent waters of Cantabrian Sea They provide barnacles, clams, lobsters, squid of the highest quality, hake, anchovies, sardines, among others. Thus these waters provide from rabas – an appetizer of fried squid – to dishes such as hake in green sauce, onions or baked clams.

The meat Red is also one of the Cantabrian specialties, in particular the Tudanca cow. It is also used a lot Bushmeat: wild boar and a large variety of deer. Pork is also a key ingredient. It is used for the typical “Mountain stew«, Which includes peas, cabbage, rice, black pudding among others.

The desserts They are also delicious, especially the “quesadas pasiegas” The cake shop it includes the “Ties in Unquera”; “Polkas in Torrelavega”; or “Sacristanes in Liérganes”.

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