Gastronomy – Costa Rica

The tradition gastronomic has passed from generation to generation, giving it simplicity and the special flavor and charm of the homemade food. It is not very spicy, it is based on rice, beans, corn, vegetables, meat, chicken or fish and is usually served with corn tortillas. The indigenous tradition is still present in it through corn, sacred to the ancient gods, and the ancient cocoa. This combination translates into a true party for our senses that we should not stop experiencing.

The “tico” breakfast consists of a combination of rice and black beans known as gallo pinto, which is usually accompanied with eggs to taste, corn tortillas and sour cream (custard). Of course, if you want to take care of your line you will be in luck: the variety of tropical fruits that you will find is innumerable.

Lunch is the main meal. The married ones are the favorite dish, it consists of white rice, beans, ripe fried plantain, salad, white cheese, vegetable hash and a selection of meat, chicken or fish. We leave the restorative soups for dinner.

The desserts with which Costa Rica tempts us are caramel or coconut custards, pineapple empanadas, chiverre, rice pudding, chiricalla, coconut cards and various types of cakes. Impossible to resist!

Soft drinks and natural shakes help us relieve the heat of the day. But if we want to try indigenous drinks of indigenous origin, we choose Chicheme, prepared with fermented corn, ginger and black candy, Chinchiví made with sugar cane broth, coyol wine, which is a drink derived from the palm sage of fermented coyol, among others.

We cannot ignore the entrenched culture of coffee that exists in Costa Rica. Famous for producing one of the finest coffees in the world. Appointment must taste their specialties. There is a particularity of the local taste that consists in roasting the beans with sugar to make a thick and dark coffee that is not absolutely bitter. Traditionally served in a tall glass, half strong coffee half and half milk.

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