Gastronomy – Cyprus

The gastronomy Local is purely Mediterranean, but the influence of the Middle East gives it a unique twist. An example of this is the “mezedes”. It is about 20 different dishes with regional products: green and black olives, potatoes with garlic sauce, vegetables in lemon, cheese halloumi (mix of goat cheese and sheep) snails in tomato sauce, octopus in wine Red, etc. Everything is accompanied with bread and salads. Another very popular local delight is the “hiromeri”, salted and marinated smoked pork in wine.

Likewise, Cyprus It has a tradition of almost 4,000 years in the production of wine. The island already provided them to the pharaohs, Greeks and Romans. Names like “Commandaria” – whose origin dates back to the times of the Crusades – and “Zavania” – a strong grape-based brandy that can reach up to 99% alcohol – are highly valued drinks in the country and the world.

However, not only alcoholic beverages stand out. The “airani” made with yogurt, is quite refreshing. While the “soumada” (hot drink based on almonds) and Cypriot coffee, provide the heat and energy needed for the mountain. Coffee is ordered “sketo” (without sugar), “metrium” (medium) or “glyko” (sweet), and is always served with a glass of water.

In the past these flavors have been praised by travelers and poets. Today it is doctors and specialists who recommend the local diet because of its low cholesterol and high vitamin content.

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