Gastronomy – Denmark

The influence of others scandinavian countriess is very noticeable in the Danish cuisine, we can see dishes from Sweden, Norway and Germany. A very marked characteristic of Danish food is that it is very rich in fats and carbohydrates, due to the cold weather they have in the country, in this way they consume more calories to better cope with the long and raw winters.

While Danish hotels strive to offer international meals, rest assured you will find restaurants where you can enjoy typical dishes. The most commonly used foods are meat, potatoes, fish, in addition to the wide variety of cabbages they offer. The way to prepare the meats can vary from smoked, roasted, marinated, spiced, among others.

Lunch in rye bread

For the Danish culture the main meal is the “Frokost” or lunch, and in restaurants they offer two types of menus, which as tourists you must know to choose correctly. There is the menu of the day (dagens) or the à la carte menu (tilbud) that varies according to price. The frokost is based on 2 or 6 pieces of cold cuts, made with rye bread; while if you want a more elaborate meal you can request a marinated fish, or a smoked eel. Cold roast beef is widely consumed in Denmark, always accompanied by fried onions.

Roast beef

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