Gastronomy – Egypt

The egyptian cuisine It is extremely varied and receives influences from African and Mediterranean cuisine. While we can realize that their dishes usually served in abundance, there is also a contrast marked by the religion of Islam and the Muslim culture that governs their customs. It is a very healthy and simple meal.

Beans Foul

Foul, is the name of the Egyptian national dish, and is based on beans stewed with onion, cumin and lemon, is offered at each meal. It is a typical food in periods of withdrawal from Ramadan (Ninth month of the year in which Muslims make daily fasting from dawn until dark).

Generally the dishes are served with fish meats that are usually obtained in the Mediterranean Sea, the meat most used in the kitchen is that of the lamb, which is prepared stewed, cooked or roasted. But chicken is also consumed in Egypt. It is more the Molokheya It is a soup prepared with various herbs, garlic, pepper that is served with rice and chicken pieces.


The bean is a very popular vegetable in Egypt, so it is part of its national dish. They are prepared and served in various ways. If you visit Alexandria You can’t miss the giant prawns, a kind of shrimp.


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