Gastronomy – England

The cuisine of England is little known and of high quality. Let’s break the myth at once: the food may be different but it is excellent. It is characterized by the balance between tradition and multiculturalism.
International cuisine has a great presence. But let’s try your own food. Its base is traditional English dishes with the incorporation of exotic ingredients Europeans, Americans and Asians.
To understand this kitchen, it may be better to start knowing how to eat there.

The most important meal is the breakfast. Scrambled eggs with bacon (which is almost ham) baked, sausages, tomato, grapefruit juice or Fruits of the forest, porridge (cooked oatmeal with milk), toasted mixed bread, muffins and coffee with milk or tea.

With such an abundant and nutritious breakfast we will not need a great lunch: we will make a lunch. It will be enough that we take about 12.30 a salad well complete with meats or a sandwich (the best!!!) . So we arrive at tea time, which we will accompany with pastries, butter and jams, at about 4:00 p.m.

The Dinner, not too late, start with a drink, we will eat starter, main course and dessert accompanied with tea. We will drink beer or wine, that there are of the whole world!

Now I tell you the best known dishes from which you will choose: Fish and chips It is a classic and probably the best known. Pasty It is a meat pie with vegetables and potatoes. A good roast beef, or any roasted pork or lamb, with elaborate sauces. The most used vegetables are potatoes, baked beans (seasoned beans), carrots and broccoli, all cooked. Spices are an inevitable Asian acquisition. His favorite fish: salmon and trout.

The cake shop tempts you with Pancakes, fruit cakes, chocolate and cheese, bakewell cake and the traditional Christmas ’Pudding. A variety difficult to resist.

An advice: eat in the pubs. There it is cheaper and they make authentic English food. You will find them even in the smallest villages.

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