Gastronomy – France

Luckily, in this country you will taste delicious and varied dishes. The french food It is characterized by being always accompanied by wine, it is a very elaborate cuisine, so it is the cradle of thousands of chefs in the world. The cuisine is different in each region of the country, which is why the cuisine of the northwest uses butter in its preparations, while the southeast is more influenced by Italian cuisine, accompanying the dishes with olives, fine herbs and tomatoes. Next we will give you a guide of the dishes that are usually served in French restaurants or at formal dinners.

ApéritifIt is the classic appetizer, it can be a port wine or liquor of some fruit, it is served with some food, such as canapés, nuts, olives, etc.

I entered or hors d´oeuvre, it is the first dish that is lighter than in other kitchens, it has a similarity to Italian antipastos. We recommend you order salads or soups.

Main Plat or Plat de ResistanceThis will be the perfect time to taste the meat, which can be beef or fish, served with rice, pasta or legumes.

FromageBefore serving dessert, a group of selected cheeses is served to taste, it is time to drink another glass of wine to better digest the dishes.

Desert, it is the dessert, you will find a great variety but it is worth mentioning those based on fruits and yogurt.

Do not forget to stop by a bakery and enjoy its famous baguets, pain ou chocolate and croissant.

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