Gastronomy – Galicia

The Galician gastronomy It is a very particular subject. It can hardly be defined which is the typical dish region of. But without any doubt we can agree that the real protagonist of the table is the ingredient. The ingredients of Galician cuisine are treated with artisan care, achieving a familiar, abundant and varied cuisine, with an accent on the natural.

Of course, Galicia can afford that luxury: with more than 80 varieties of sea fish and an infinity of shellfish, crustaceans and mollusks. Among such a variety we can find the treasures of the sea: barnacles, lobsters, oysters, spider crabs, scallops, mussels, mussels … The ocean supplies the best Galician table with dishes such as octopus to feira, the empanadas wave hake in ajada.

But the interior is generous in production. The vegetables and vegetables from the garden are well known and cheeses fresh, like the tetilla cheese, of very high quality. The meats beef, pork and beef can not be missing as magnificent churrascos, or next to the grelos in a traditional stew with sausages. As the Bushmeat, which goes from the partridge to the roe deer or the wild boar and is stewed in a thousand ways.

The cake shop delights us with Allariz almond cake, the pancakes, the famous Santiago’s cake, and chestnuts in all varieties of desserts.

But you can not miss the good Galician wine, with its three designations of origin: Ribeiro, Rías Baixas and Valdeorras, and the authentic wines of each region. To finish the meal, a tasty and digestive burned out of pomace brandy or a shot of coffee liquor.

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