Gastronomy – Hungary

Although fruits and vegetables abound in Hungary, these do not form the basis of its gastronomy. The ingredients that are never lacking in Hungarian dishes are meat and spicy flavors. The best known dish is the goulash, made with beef, onions, peppers, is very popular in the cuisine of this country despite being very simple.

Goulash preparation

The use of pepper and paprika is very common, as well as garlic. Fritters are made with lard. The Libamáj It is a dish based on very exquisite goose liver in the region. Their main dishes are usually made up of well-cooked pork or fish and a garnish of pickled gherkins.


In Hungary particularly breakfast is very light, it is composed of fresh bread, called “Kifli”, fruits, vegetables or cereals, it is the midday meal that takes strength in Hungarian food, consists of soup, a main dish made with meat and finally a dessert. Finally dinner is similar to breakfast.
Among desserts, the best known is the Dobostorta, a cake made with mocha and caramel.


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