Gastronomy – Iceland

The gastronomy from Iceland It has changed a lot in recent years, although there are things that stay the same: fish and the lamb They are still the main products of your kitchen.

The types of fish consumed are haddock, herring, plaice, among others. Nail tapas Very popular fish are called harðfiskur. They are made of pieces of dried fish with butter.

Iceland tapas

There is a whole variety of dishes related to lamb. Hangikjöt is meat of lamb Smoked that is served with potatoes with milk sauce and peas. The svið is quite particular because it consists of the whole head of a sheep boiled in salt and accompanied with potatoes. The blóðmör (or Slátur) is a kind of pudding made of blood from lamb, oatmeal and flour.

Iceland cuisine

During the Þorri season (at the end of January and beginning of February) the Icelanders prepare the thorramatur, a kind of buffet With a selection of traditional ingredients. These include hakarl (fermented shark cubes), Sviðasulta (“cheese” of the lamb’s head), Lundabaggi (sheep fat) and hrútspungar (ram’s testicles). A similar event occurs on December 23, when Þorláksmessa is served where a particular species of ray is served. Its smell is so strong that it is impregnated in clothes and hair.


Another meat quite consumed, although less than before is that of whale. Iceland is one of the few places where it is possible to eat minke whale meat. This has been part of its tradition, although it was only popularized at the beginning of the 20th century when it was systematized. From there it eats like any red meat, only much cheaper than beef.

Special mention deserves the stingray. Icelanders eat the gills part. This would have nothing out of the ordinary if it were not because they eat them rotten and fermented. The meat is flaky, but dense and fibrous. It tastes like a mixture of fish and lobster.

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