Gastronomy – Monaco

The gastronomy from Monaco It has influences from French cuisine. However, each dish has a twist that makes it completely monegasque. The main ingredients used are seafood, fish, fresh vegetables, rice and olive oil.

One of his dishes most famous is the “Stocafi”. It consists of a dried cod with tomato sauce and local spices. Spaghetti a la Monegasca is also another typical dish. Monegasque sauce consists of tomatoes, cheese, anchovies, olives and spices.

The cake shop from Monaco It is also top notch. The “Barbagium” is a type of pie stuffed with pumpkin or spinach, rice, cheese and leek to add more flavor. It is excellent to taste as tapas. The “Fougasse” is a cake prepared with orange blossom water and with nuts, almonds and anise. The “Socca” are pancakes made from chickpea flour with varied accompaniments (seafood, meat, among others).

Throughout the country the restaurants give excellent service and the standards are top notch. The main exponents of world cuisine meet in Monaco, but if you want to try the food of the country, restaurants like Dauphin Vert (Le Condamine), Le Circus (Monte Carlo), Le Bambi (Le Condamine) are specialists in it.

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