Gastronomy – Morocco

The gastronomy from Morocco It is very internationally recognized. Count on a variety of dishes and variations thanks to its colonial and Arab influences. Incredibly there are not as many restaurants with typical food as one would expect since Moroccans prefer to eat in their homes. Anyway, you will always find some in the tourist areas.

One of the foods best known is the couscous. It is made from steamed semolina grains. It is served with accompaniment of stew ("tagine”) Or mixed with meat and vegetables. Almost all restaurants have a tradition of serving couscous Fridays. The "tagine”Is another important dish, it is a stew of meat. It consists of a stew with vegetables that have been simmered in clay pots. There are variations like Β«tagine”Of chicken, lemon and olives; or sweet veal; Fish or prawns with spicy tomato sauce.

An important Berber contribution is the β€œKaliya”, A combination of veal, tomatoes, peppers and onion served with couscous or bread. Other delight Moroccan popular is the β€œtablet”, Made of dough flakes filled with sweet or spicy meat (chicken, veal or pigeon) and almond paste. The dough is then baked and covered with powdered sugar.

The soups They are also a Moroccan specialty. The foods they usually undertake with a β€œHarira”, Lentil soup, peas, lamb, tomatoes and vegetables. The soups They are also a traditional breakfast. The "bissara" is an example of this. It consists of a thick Soup made of peas and a generous stream of olive oil. It can be found in any market in the mornings.

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