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Spanish cuisine has reached levels of international renown, with distinctions such as Michelin stars to the credit of not a few chefs from Madrid, Catalan and Basques. Currently all gastronomic guides include Spain as a place of honor.

In any city in Spain you can find restaurants with cuisine international and food traditional spanish.
Spanish cuisine always revolves around the ingredients of the Mediterranean diet: olive oil, ham, fish and shellfish, cereals and fruits and vegetables that the Spanish garden has in abundance and variety. Nowadays, with the fad of healthy diets the Mediterranean diet has been placed in the place of privilege that we should never have lost, and it has been shown that it is not only an appetizing diet but it is also healthy and helps to balance our body .
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Each region has a special way to combine these elements resulting in regional dishes. But we must highlight the famous Paella, of Valencian cradle and based on rice, which in all its variants tourists like so much.
The paella

The second dish that reigns for its worldwide fame and acceptance is surely the Spanish tortilla. And thirdly we must do justice to Gazpacho Andalusian, fruit of the region that suffers the most summer heat, this simple and fresh tomato-based dish does not fail on the summer tables.
But Spanish cuisine is shown in small doses with the exquisite tapas. They consist of small portions of food, presented on plates or on rolls.
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There is no traveler who does not taste them, either with beer, with the excellent regional wines of world prestige, or the cider Asturian, will depend on where you eat them. Personally I think it is the best way to try the great variety of sausages, hams, cheeses and everything that the good Spanish table offers us.
We must not forget the desserts, where without a doubt is the nougat of almonds and honey the best heritage of the Muslim table.

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