Gin Tonic tastings in Madrid

The cocktail bar is fashionable worldwide as its popularity has been increasing as well as that of the flag cuisine of each country. Within the popular drinks in Spanish territory we have the gin and tonic.

If we are looking for a place in Madrid to conduct a gin and tonic tasting, it is important to know that in this activity we will learn about the history of cocktails and everything related to the variants of tonic and gin, in addition to their respective pairings.

The gin and tonic tasting workshops in Madrid have an average duration of two and a half hours and include all the necessary materials to carry out the tasting workshop. Prices range from twenty euros.

A recommended gin and tonic tasting in Madrid is what we can do in Drinksmotion Madrid. Here we will learn from the hand of experts everything related to the secrets of gin and tonic in addition to tasting and learning how to make ten variants of it.

The tastings are with groups of 20-25 people and we must make our reservation from Monday to Friday between 7:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. The place is located on Calle Constancia – 1, and prices range from 25 euros per session.

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