Gin Tonic tastings in Mallorca

If we want to become experts in the art of gin and tonic to know more about this classic that we surely tasted in our outings with friends, we can sign up for a gin and tonic tasting workshop having some options in Mallorca.

Whether with gin or with some fruit such as lime or strawberries, gin and tonic is a classic combination that has now been back into the trendy drinks menu. Some of the recommended tastings are those organized by Drinksmotion (in Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Mallorca) and in which we will learn about the glamor of the different aromas of gin and tonic, its history, pairing and we will have a tasting of this cocktail whose history goes back more from two centuries ago.

Within the workshop we will also learn about new trends, how to prepare our own combinations and taste ten types of them, in addition to learning about gin, tonic and pairing variants.

The experience begins with an introduction to the history of this combined, learning all about the different gins, tonic and their pairings. In addition, you will make a tasting of 10 combined, from the simplest to the most innovative.

It is important to note that to obtain a good gin and tonic we must have one of the best brands of gins such as Citadelle Reserve, Magallan, Bombay Sapphire, Hayman 1820, among others. The duration of the gin and tonic tasting is two and a half hours and is priced at 60 euros per person.

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