Go around the world

Go around the world It is an idea that captivates millions of people. Some have already gone around the world, others dream of doing it and others prefer not to think about it as an impossible idea to fulfill. Go around the world not only does it require us to have a lot of free time, it also requires many sacrifices, from leaving the family to leaving work. These are just the aspects that we know because during the trip it is possible that unforeseen events will arise that will require a great personal capacity and a lot of courage to face them.

If we are planning to put everything aside and Go around the world, we must take into account the following steps to perform:

Acquire the plane ticket. The vast majority of people who have toured the world recommend purchasing the Round The World Ticket. This ticket allows us to travel on different routes within the five continents within 365 days after the date of purchase. Although, there are currently many airlines that have offers for destinations, this would take more time investment and accommodate our time at air ticket offers.

Organize our budget. If we do not have large savings in bank accounts or others, it is advisable to adjust our budget to an adventurous trip, without neglecting some whims, for example, we can stay in tourist accommodations (where we will meet people of all nationalities with the that we can follow the trip or receive travel advice), eat in restaurants not very expensive, and not invest much in clothes or gifts. The budget varies according to the number of countries to visit, but if we do not plan to stay in five-star hotels or eat in exclusive restaurants, there are travelers who report having invested an average of 20 thousand euros to make this type of trip.

Faced with this investment, it is recommended to carry a part in cash and the vast majority in credit or debit cards, so if we lose the cards we only need to block them, something that does not happen if our cash is stolen.

Transport. If we have time availability, there are continents such as South America where it is recommended to travel by bus, it is cheaper than traveling by plane and will allow us to know villages that are not included in most travel guides. A bus trip can last 2 to 5 times longer than a plane trip in South America but it can cost us a third or a quarter of the plane ticket, a detail that makes it worthwhile.

For Go around the world We can choose between mobilizing by plane, motorcycle, cruises, bicycles, and even, we can use several means of transport, which is recommended so that the experience has more nuances. If our time is very limited, it is best to opt for plane ticketsOtherwise, we can choose to travel on cruises or on a motorcycle.

Select luggage. Wheeled suitcase, backpack, small suitcases? Although it is difficult to select what type of suitcase to take on the trip, the most advisable thing is to use a backpack with wheels, thus, it serves as a backpack – for trekking and adventure trips – and serves as a suitcase for when we are on the plane .

Documentation up to date. Just as we must take care of our cash and credit cards, in every trip it is vital to take care of our documentation and even more if we have had to process some type of visa to be able to do it. We recommend you even scan all your documents and keep them with you in a usb memory and in your email, so, if you lose your documentation, you can have a copy that facilitates the duplication procedures.

Select the destinations. Here we must keep in mind that it will be almost impossible to make the whole trip in a single tour, this due to weather changes, availability of airlines and others. However, although many prefer snow and cold, it is recommended to travel in warm times where we can travel with less luggage and enjoy the beaches, sun and nature.

Use technology If we are users of social networks or photo enthusiasts, there is nothing like taking a camera with us to record each place visited and a technological device that allows us to share our experiences with friends and family.

After these recommendations to go around the world, we can only tell you that you should feel privileged to be able to live an experience like this and do not hesitate to visit as many countries as you can, because each experience will make you grow as a person and will be filled with unforgettable memories.

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