Golf courses in Andalusia

Andalusia is a Spanish destination where we will find some of the best golf courses in this country. It is important to note that the vast majority of fields in Andalusia are composed of 18 holes, the standard number for the professional championship game.

Golf course in Andalusia

Anyway, if you do not have too much experience and prefer a driving range, there are also 9 hole areas (the most demanding can visit the 27 or 36 hole courses). Simply put, there is something for everyone.
Let's see some of the most prestigious and popular courses in Andalusia, undoubtedly the tourist destination par excellence for golf practice.

Golf courses in Andalusia

East Valley Golf Resort. Let's start with this beautiful course located in the Urbanization Valle del Este, an exclusive area that additionally to the golf courses has all the necessary services for your comfort. Orientation: Road N340, Km 42.5

Almenara Golf Club. Now it's time to talk about the Almenara Golf Club, one of the busiest points by professional players, with a variety of 18-hole courses and a series of local tournaments that are usually scheduled at different times of the year. Show your skills and be encouraged to compete in the events organized by the Almenara club.

golf in Andalusia

European Golf Circuit. This circuit is prepared for the amateur category of golf players, bringing together the most versatile and experienced athletes from around the world. It is a beautiful opportunity to attend a quality show, either as a spectator or participant.

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