Golf courses in Marbella

Marbella is one of those destinations full of options for each type of traveler, with different recreational spaces for sightseeing and an intense vacation. In the midst of this frame of glamor and nature, it is impossible to miss the offer of golf courses, one of the most popular references for most athletes.

golf in Marbella

Marseille is among the most requested destinations for golf practice and events, with panoramic views and beautiful fields that will surprise you. If you are looking for a place to play sports, then Marseille is the best recreational space you can imagine.

In order to get to know the different environments available in the region, here is a list of recommended places:

Golf course in Marbella

Santa MarΓ­a Golf & Country Club: Not only are we facing one of the most popular golf courses in Marbella, we are also located in one of the most expensive. Located in the Urbanization Elviria CN-340 Km 192, this beautiful field enjoys an extension of 18 holes, crossing each of the contours of a valley.
The Lady of Night: with a more than suggestive name, this field is a true relic, inheriting all the beauty of Mother Nature. In total we have 9-hole courses for amateur competitions and enjoy a recreational day.

Cabopino Golf Club: located on A-7. CN-340, Km. 194. Urbanization Artola Alta, s / n. Apt 2.119, this field has all the complementary services to guarantee a pleasant stay and of the highest level. So far up a good number of competing tourists, professional players and golf veterans. The games are 18 holes.

Golf courses in Marbella

Greenlife Golf: And of course, we cannot forget Greenlife, a high quality site with an extension of 9 regular 3-hole holes. This environment has been thought of the youngest and novice athletes who begin in the practice of golf. Located on A-7. CN-340 A. Km. 192. Urb. Elviria Hills, Avda de las Cumbres s / n

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