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Google Ancient Places: another way to travel

The Google applications they don’t stop surprising, being very useful Google Ancient Places (GAP), an application that gives us historical information through books and descriptions generated on a map that includes reference points of every planet.

If we are fond of history and also like to travel to get to know it directly, Google Ancient Places It will be useful to us since according to the point of the map that we select we will be able to access information about the history, geography, literature, culture and others of each of the destinations.

Within the most prominent texts offered Google Ancient Places We have works by Flavio Josefo and Heródoto.

Through Google Ancient Places We can: Access the summary of a book and see its relationship with places on the earth map; read the book and simultaneously interact with a timeline and maps; and, we can obtain information about the history and culture of each geographical place related to the texts.

In Google Ancient Places we will have control of how we want to review the content of the texts, either by reading them, accessing it through the maps, relating it to others geographical areas or choosing places freely to be related to different events that occurred at the same point.

Google Ancient Places It is a true tool that will allow you to find true jewels that you may have missed in your reading, since it allows you to give different approaches, giving life to history.

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