Granada gastronomy

As you have learned from our editions about the beautiful and cultural city of Granada, its history and current affairs are formed from the mixture and influence of various cultures, Blackberries, Beans and Roman.

So it is expected that its gastronomic character is varied and exquisite, due to such a flourishing contribution of palates.

Granada gastronomyThe tourist who visits Granada for their dishes, will not be disappointed by such a varied offer. Among its typical and traditional dishes, which are not lacking in any table in Granada, are the conjugations of beans, beans with ham, salted beans.

In addition to this we have meat dishes that are combined with poor or migrated potatoes. The popular Sacromonte omelette, the Granada and orange cod soda, the popular fruit of the region that accompanies To many of the city desserts, in this case it is interesting to try this mixture, salty and sweet.Granada gastronomy

After a lunch it is better to try some delicacies in small shops, such as sweets that come from the convents, produced in an artisanal way, in addition to Motril’s real cake, the carnival curd (also a typical dessert in homes).

Granada gastronomy

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