Green tourism: Black Forest

The Black forest It is a mountain range that offers a diversity of natural landscapes that have allowed the promotion of outdoor activities, therefore, it is one of the must-visit sites for those traveling to Germany in search of ecological tourism.

This region extends along 160 kilometers from the southwest sector of the German territory, reaching the northwest part. During the Black Forest tour You can reach two very tourist cities: Freudenstadt and Freiburg.

The main activities we can do in the Black forest They are linked to green tourism, for example, we can do adventure sports such as paragliding, kayaking, horseback riding, climbing rock formations, biking on mountain trails, water sports in the dozens of natural lagoons it has, or have a perspective Aerial of the area walking in a hot air balloon.

Within the activities of ecological or rural tourism we can also visit: Kinzig River, the Mummelsee lakes, the Bad Wilbad Thermal Palace, or the impressive fir forests that give the region that particular dark tone that characterizes it.

Also, if what we are looking for is go hiking, we can follow the routes:

Westweg. One of the longest that starts in Pforzheim and ends in Basel.

Querweg Rottweil-Lahr and Querweg Gengenbach-Alpirsbach. Routes that have an average duration of four days.

Hansjakobweg I. Circular route with an average of three days duration.

Kingiztäler Jakobusweg. Route known as the Camino de Santiago del Valle Kinzig, consists of seven stages and its average duration is 12 days.

Best of all, we can rent traditional cabins to stay and quietly tour all the attractions of the German Black Forest, including the towns and cities of the region where you can see different festivities, as well as taste some of the most exquisite dishes of traditional cuisine.

In the Black forest a mountainous climate prevails that is usually humid in the rocky areas almost all year round, so it is ideal to go with light clothes, sneakers or hiking boots, but always wearing warm clothes.

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