Green tourism: travel to Patagonia

Patagonia It is located in the Americas and extends through the countries of Chile and Argentina. The Chilean patagonia It is characterized by lakes, lush forests, glaciers, archipelagos and islands, while the Argentine Patagonia present a territory divided into two sectors: Patagonian Andean, covered with forests and with the presence of glacial lakes and; Patagonia Esteparia, arid territory that is totally deserted in areas where there are no bushes.

One of the attractions of Patagonia are its Patagonian Andes, an area of ​​high volcanic activity where above 2500 meters above sea level we can locate volcanoes such as Copahue, Domuyo, and hills such as San Lorenzo, Torre and San Valentín. In addition, Patagonia has varied scenarios where rivers, plains, pampas, and mountain peaks offer us endless adventures and make Patagonia a destination chosen by lovers of adventure tourism and extreme sports.

In Patagonia we can carry out various activities related to Green tourism, between them:

Visit Los Alerces National Park. Area of ​​great plant beauty that is ideal to visit in summer because at that time we can navigate lakes such as Futalaufquen, Verde and Rivadavia; In addition, we can visit the larch forest that is one of the most important in Argentina.

Visit the Center of La Hoya. Recommended for snow sports fans. Here we will locate the Mountain Activity Center La Hoya that offers us more than twenty tracks that make up the entire Center.

Trevelin / Futaleufú Dam Route. Following this route we can reach Esquel, a Welsh town that preserves the style of the IXI century. In addition, in the Andes Mill we will find a museum dedicated to displaying objects, maps and photographs of the colonial stage. In Futaleufú we will enjoy an impressive beauty within the southern sector of Los Alerces National Park. This route has an average duration of twelve hours.

Nant and Fall waterfalls. This excursion has an average duration of fourteen hours and in it we can know the Nant and Fall Provincial Nature Reserve, which is made up of three waterfalls surrounded by beautiful forests and that make up the Los Saltos stream. On this tour we will find the Arroyito Mill, an old Welsh mill where wheat was processed.

Stone Stop. This is one of the most popular attractions in Patagonia and is located almost 150 kilometers from Esquel. In this area we can see a stone over two hundred meters high that is the result of the volcanic activity of the place. In its surroundings we will locate: the Cañadón de la Buitrera, area of ​​cave paintings that are testimony of aboriginal life; and, the Patagonian chinchillones, rock formations that shape the canyon.

Other recommended activities in Patagonia they are: Bike tours that depart from the city and run through various mountain circuits; horseback riding; sport fishing between November and April; rafting between the rapids of the Corcovado River; Trekking to different hills such as Nahuelpán, Alto el Petiso and Dedal; and, the floating to move in canoes by the rivers and interact with the lush vegetation of the area.

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