Ground Transportation – Argentina

Argentina’s rail network is practically limited to freight transport since the 1990s, which is why most people travel by buses. There are many companies. When planning your trip you should keep in mind that the distances in this country are considerable.
Bus station - Rosario - Argentina

You can see below a table with the distances from Buenos Aires:

San Salvador de Jujuy1654 Km.
Jump1605 Km.
San Miguel de Tucumán1310 Km.
Puerto Iguazu1346 Km.
Mendoza1037 Km.
Mar del Plata410 km
San Carlos de Bariloche1627 Km.
Trelew1436 Km.
El Calafate2727 Km.
Ushuaia3194 Km.

Traveling by bus is a comfortable and cheap way. The buses are perfectly equipped for long distances. That means that the offer ranges from normal seats, to semi-bed, to bed or executives. On the tours that last more than two hours they feed you, service already included in the ticket price. The main drawback when choosing this means of transport is the time you spend moving from one place to another. And I say invest instead of losing, because on the other hand it allows you to enjoy incredible landscapes that you would not see moving by plane.
Bus - Argentina

There are many companies and most offer more or less the same quality – price, an example is the Arrow Bus company (

Another option that I recommend is to rent a car and go on an adventure. Just a couple of warnings, keep in mind that Argentina is a very large country, the distances are considerable and the quality of the roads is not very good. On the other hand, keep in mind that in the mountain areas you can find snow and ice, which can make driving difficult if you are not used to it.

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