Ground Transportation – Australia

The network of buses from Australia It is wide and implies a cheap alternative to travel. The company that provides the national service is called Greyhound Pionner Australia. These buses have a bathroom, video and all areas are non-smoking. You have economical ways of acquiring your tickets, doing it online allows you to issue the ticket, exempting you from almost 5% of the total cost. If you buy by phone you avoid paying the reservation fee ($ 4).

Melbourne bus

Due to the extension of the country it is necessary to travel long distances, so if you want to travel by bus, keep in mind that a long road is waiting for you. That is why people prefer to travel by plane within the country. The same goes for the rail network, it is not cheaper, nor faster, it is simply a very satisfying experience. Travel along the coast in the Indian pacific, the landscapes that Australia offers are impressive.

Railroad network

In general, it is more advisable rent a car, it is more economical. If you driving license It is not in English so you will need an international driving license. In all the routes you decide to undertake, keep in mind that the territory is huge, and it may take time to find a supermarket. That is why it is advisable to bring gasoline, drinking water and a spare wheel.

You drive through Australia

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