Ground Transportation – Austria

Service railway It is also a good option to get from abroad, if you come from Europe, because it has good rail connections to any European city, there are also several lines and time is very short in this medium; Another alternative is buses, slower and more uncomfortable but cheaper still. Their freeways They are fast and well maintained, their border points are open 24 hours a day, so you can choose a night schedule without problem.

Train in the station

Trips between Austrian cities are frequent, services pass every hour, only from Vienna Klagenfurt takes 3 hours and you will always find services both ways. But if you are a nostalgic and what causes you is to take a walk then do not stop climbing a 19th century locomotive with which you can take a tour from Jenbach (Tyrol) to Lake Acheense, the view is incredible, you can enjoy beautiful Tyrolean forests

Old station of three in Tyrol

Another very important means of transport in Austria is the bus line BundesbusIt is ideal for local routes or to access difficult places such as the famous ski resorts of Tyrol and Vorarlberg. You can also rent a car and move around the country, just keep in mind that drivers are required to wear a fluorescent safety vest and vehicle position lights during the day, as well as at night.

In own car

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