Ground Transportation – China

The main land transport in China It is the train. More than 75 percent of passengers use the railways of this country. China's railways travel an average of 62 thousand kilometers of the city and are constantly expanding. There are currently new lines covering the areas of Canton-Beijing and Shanghai-Beijing; Mongolia-Russia; and Lianyungang-Lanzhou-Ürümqi.

With the new lines it is sought to cover important economic regions of China. In addition, prices are very low and the level of safety in this transport is very good. For example, for a trip from Shanghai to Beijing (average duration of 10 hours) prices vary from 22 to 60 euros.

The bus is another of the cheapest means of long distance transportation in China. This land transport is ideal because it reaches remote regions such as those located west of the country. Areas inaccessible by train or plane.

For long-distance trips we have large stations where we can buy tickets (it is not necessary to buy in advance because there are no classes or seats reserved within the same vehicle). Prices will only vary according to the technical condition of the bus.

Another mobility option is rent a car. The service includes – in the vast majority of cases – unlimited kilometers and driver. Usually this type of services is rented with a minimum use of one week. The average price is 185 euros for 3 days of service.

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