Ground Transportation – Costa Rica

Before deciding how to move you should take into account a number of factors:
• Only 14% of the almost 30,000 km of the road network It is paved. If you think about the rainy season, you can translate it into impassable roads, if on the contrary you think about the dry season, you should think about big dust.
• Road signs are poor and confusing.
• Few inhabitants own cars and most are reckless drivers.
• It is common to find animals and pedestrians on the road.
Costa Rica bus

Service buses It is very widespread, you can reach almost everywhere and they are punctual. The tariffs Around € 7. There are countless private companies that offer direct and fast or current services. You will travel crowded and you should take care of your belongings, but the experience is worth it and is more fun than traveling with the other tourists in a special minibus.
Car rental

San José centralizes all the public transport, but there will always be local lines that will take you to your destination.
Off Road in Tamarindo

The car rental In Costa Rica it can be somewhat complex. Many national and international companies offer their service and as a condition they will ask you for a card with a minimum age of 21 years, being over 21 years old and a valid passport, in addition to a credit card and sometimes, a deposit of US $ 500. Keep in mind that you must rent a 4 × 4, which costs between € 50 and € 70 per day. Keep in mind that additional charges are usually somewhat high.

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