Ground Transportation – Denmark

Denmark is a archipelago, therefore the means of transport between these territories is the ferry, or also known ferry. Another way to reach the other islands is by renting a yacht and sailing to them. While to travel on the mainland, the best way is to use the train. Its rail network is excellent, in addition its facilities are extremely comfortable, fast, punctual and their prices are not high, they leave every hour towards the Jutland Peninsula or to the Fiona Island.

Ferry in Denmark

A great facility is the easy access of buses in the train stations, so you will quickly reach other destinations within the cities. The bus service, in cities like Copenhagen, Aarhus and Aalborg It has great consideration with invalid passengers, a social issue that speaks very well of this country. In Copenhagen, city buses provide a special Card that allows you to use the bus and the subway, also enter some museums for free, its validity is three days and you can purchase it at subway stations, airports or information offices .

Train comfort

But we must also mention the most used medium in this country, the bikes, it has a special route for them, in addition to a special lane for its correct transit. It is an ideal way to move over short distances, but if you enjoy an excellent physique you can also reach other cities through them.

Bicycles are part of the traffic

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