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Ground Transportation – England

Make your trip through England using the ground transportation it’s quite simple, the possibilities are train, bus and car.

Railroad network

British Rail, the national train company, extends throughout the country with efficient service. London, with seven terminals is the starting point of almost all lines. You can buy tickets at travel agencies or at stations and, in Spain, at Renfe. If you travel a lot by train it will be cheaper to buy a BritRail Pass which allows you unlimited travel for consecutive days. exist discount tickets. BritRail Youth Pass, for young, Young Persons ’Railcard, for students, BritRail Senior Pass, for adults and Family rail card for families

Charing Cross London

In car you can enjoy the English countryside. The English roads are in very good condition. Almost all are free and have excellent signage. Rural roads are another matter: there are some very well marked and others in very bad conditions. The drawback is the heavy traffic in the big cities. The rush hours On the roads they are from 8.00 a.m. to 9.30 a.m. and from 5 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. every week. Traffic jams often occur that lead to long delays.

Road signs

Driving at night is dangerous due to poor visibility on the roads. In some cities they have implemented an asphalt lighting system that helps a lot. But very especially you will have to keep in mind that the direction of movement change: now you must stay on the left. This makes things very complicated for us. It is advisable to rent a car with the right hand drive.
Travel in bus It is an economical solution, but it can take you longer than the train for traffic blockages. There are companies that have routes that coincide with the railways. Everything will depend on your available time.

Do hitch-hiking In England it is very common. You must put yourself at a crossroads and surely you succeed. Remember that hitchhiking on highways is prohibited.

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