Ground Transportation – Galicia

The railway network of Galicia It has two companies that operate it on different axes. FEVE, is the company Narrow Railways that transports passengers and merchandise. Ferrol connects with Bilbao, along the north coast of Spain, in addition to its commuter service between Ferrol and Ortigueira. Renfe integrates the Community of Galicia with the national rail network, through regional services that leads to Madrid.

The road network of the Community of Galicia It is very important and is probably the best way to travel between the infinity of towns and districts of the interior. It is structured in a grid type scheme. Through the paid highway AP-9, Galicia has its interconnected region, from Ferrol, A Coruña, Santiago de Compostela, Pontevedra to communicating with Portugal.

Another important route that arrives from Madrid is the A-6, the Northwest Highway, which passes through Lugo to A Coruña. The A-52, the Rías Baixas Highway, arrives from the province of Zamora, passing through Ourense to Vigo, in the southern region of the community.

Main distances:
• A Coruña-Lugo, 96km
• A Coruña-Ourense, 166 kilometers
• A Coruña-Pontevedra, 121 kilometers
• A Coruña-Santiago de Compostela, 64 kilometers
• Lugo-Santiago de Compostela, 105 kilometers
• Ourense-Santiago de Compostela, 111 kilometers
• Pontevedra-Santiago de Compostela, 57 kilometers
• Ourense-Lugo, 93 kilometers
• Ourense-Pontevedra, 100 kilometers

The international services of Alsa buses They reach cities in Germany, France, Portugal, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Slovakia. Services within Spain are covered by Alsa and Auto Res, in addition to many other companies that cover interprovincial and regional paths with neighboring communities.

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