Ground transportation – Greece

You can travel through Greece by train, although only the continental part of the country is very cheap because the fares have low cost, compared to buses, the only problem is that they are a slower means of transportation. You must be careful if you decide to start your trip by this means, train combinations and schedules are not very accurate normally and you can stay hours waiting for your train to arrive.

Greek train

When you buy round-trip tickets, make sure you receive a 20% discount, in addition to the Greek Railway Company OSE It gives you the ease of acquiring tourist bonds that will allow you to travel unlimitedly for 10, 20 or 30 days. You can take it to get around Athens, the Peloponnese or get to the foot of Meteora.

Balkan train Greece

But if it is a popular medium, buses are the winners. It is the most conventional way to move in this country and manages to cover even the smallest towns, you can travel long or short distances because it is a cheap and efficient public transport. You may also be able to move from the Continental Greece Even a nearby island, such as Corfu and Cephalonia, is curious but boat tickets are included in the cost of the bus. In Athens you can specifically find two bus stations.

Bus and taxi station

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