Ground transportation – Holland

In Holland the transport ideal is the bike, there is an excellent lane that allows you to move through the streets, so more than half a million Dutch people prefer to go to work, study or shop on their own bicycle, road safety for this means of transport is very good, traffic lights and signs They take them into account. So currently it is the best way to tour the city, even tourists are encouraged to live the experience.

Riding a bicycle

The trains They are another excellent way of transport because they are comfortable, safe, punctual and above all you go out very frequently, while the bus It is indicated to reach towns that do not have a railroad, the stops of these, are usually a few steps from the train stations. All public transport keeps the same schedule, from 06:00 in the morning until 23:00 or midnight.

Holland train

To travel in public transport You can access Tickets for one day (dagkaarten), for example if you will visit several cities such as Amsterdan, Rotterman and The Hague it is better to buy one and travel quietly throughout the day, there are also Bonuses “Strippenkaart” That is multi-axis, because you can take the bus, train, subway or tram within the urban area of ​​the main cities.

Dutch bus

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