Ground Transportation – Hungary

Within Hungary you can say that your ground transportation It is comfortable, cheap and efficient. The main Volanbusz bus company has more than 108 lines, these are yellow buses that travel through the most important cities in the country, bringing them together with neighboring towns and holiday centers. There are also long yellow and red buses that travel to remote villages on their routes.

Transit in Hungary

It also has the railroad company that manages to extend its services to more than 8,000 kilometers of roads, through which you can make national and international trips. In summer, it offers incredible excursions on steam trains throughout Lake Balaton. You can also access the trains called “InterCity” and “InterPici” They can take you to various tourist regions.

Bus in Budapest

If you want to rent a car, we recommend you do it in BudapestWell, here you will find the main rental agencies, while inside only national agencies. Do not expect the cost to be cheap, the most comfortable part of this trip is that the roads are very good and there are gas stations that do not close at night.

Rent a car

Finally you can find taxis, they usually charge fairly and their prices are reasonable, but it is not always the case in the capital, so keep in mind that the cost of a kilometer is usually 200 florins and usually increase at night.

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