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Most attractions of Iceland can be seen in car, but if you feel like adventure and want to go to places like Landmannalaugar (in the Icelandic highlands) you will necessarily need an SUV and experience.

The main highway It is Route 1, which surrounds the entire island. Many mountain roads close until the end of June or more because of how wet and muddy they get. Even when they are open, they can only be accessed by SUVs. In fact, all roads with suffix F mean that you need one of these vehicles.

Iceland roads

The gas stations work 24 hours a day, but generally they are in intervals of 100 to 200km. It is possible that when driving you find yourself on a closed road due to the weather. It is a good idea to have a map of accommodation or food.

As for the traffic rules, in Iceland you drive on the right side of the road. Car lights must be on at all times. Speed ​​is not always well marked. That is why you should keep in mind that the maximum on paved road is 90km / h. In gravel it is 80km / h and in urban areas it is 50km / h.

If you want flexibility to travel by Iceland the best option is rent a car. There are several rental agencies not only for cars, but also for SUVs. The prices are approximately 22 euros per day in the case of a car, and 68 euros in an SUV. You must keep in mind that to reserve the latter you must do it a few months in advance. Prices include basic insurance. It is advisable to read the fine print because sometimes it does not cover things that normally break – call windshields, tires and the bottom of the car. For those cases, additional insurance can be added.

4 × 4 Safari in Iceland

The most important company of buses It is BSI Travel, which travels to most parts of the island. Special offers include unlimited trips for 1 to 4 weeks around Route 1. In addition in summer it also offers inland tours in buses 4 × 4 that are much cheaper and more relaxing than renting a vehicle.

If you want exclusively tourist transport, the main companies are “Iceland Excursions” and “Reykjavik Excursions”. Year-round tours operate to the west, south and east of the country. In the north «SBA Nordurleid» is the most important. The company dedicated to nature and wildlife is «Gavia Travel».

Iceland bus

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