Ground Transportation – Japan

The main ground transportation in Japan is the train. There is a wide variety of services ranging from more modest local lines to the impressive bullet trains. The most important company is Japan Railways and provides a true comfort service, although expensive. Ticket prices are set based on the route, the train and the ticket category. For information on rates consult the website of Japan Railways.

The Japan trains high speed are called Shinkansen and travels at 270 km / h. It is a luxury to travel in this transport, almost national emblem of Japan. Bullet trains cover 5 tours: Tokyo-Osaka, Osaka-Hakata, Tokyo-Morioka, Tokyo-Niigata and Tokyo-Nagano. The “mini Shinkansen” operate between Fukushima and Yamagata and between Morioka and Akita.

He tokkyû It is a regular express that has a limited number of stops and elkyûkô It is considered for long distances, therefore, it does not stop at all stations of the route. Both are slower than bullet trains, but also cheaper.

Each Japan train station It has vending machines where you can buy tickets for short trips. The fact that the tickets are in Japanese can be a great difficulty, but in that case, it is always possible to get the cheapest ticket and pay the difference at the destination station. For travel long distances or on trains that operate with reservations, you have to go to the ticket offices. In all cases, the ticket must be kept until the end of the tour.

To take the bus in Japan It is necessary that whoever does it knows Japanese or has all the indications to get to the place where you want to go. Unlike the trains and the subway, the ads are only in Japanese. The long distance buses They are extremely comfortable and well equipped for long trips, which are mostly done at night. They have, for example, individual television, isolated seats and telephone booth

exist night services of transport in bus through Japan that depart from different stations between 10pm and 11pm. These buses they cover typical tours, such as: from Tokyo to Osaka (55 euros), from Tokyo to Kobe (55 euros) or from Tokyo to Shimonoseki (89 euros).

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