Ground Transportation – Morocco

The trains in Morocco They are the best option to mobilize for speed, frequency and comfort. The only drawback is its net limited This is a Marrakech and Tangier via Casablanca and Rabat. The net it forks in Sidi Kachem and joins Oujda, Meknes and Fes to the main network. The trains They leave several times a day and there is a service night between Marrakech and Tangier. The prices Are cheap. For example, a simple ticket between Tangier and Marrakeh in second class is between 15 euros; First, 20 euros. The trains are administered by the ONCF .

Buses are another comfortable option, especially luxury ones. They have a much broader coverage than trains, and prices are even cheaper. The Business CTM and Supratours They are the most important. It is important to note that all Business They charge a surcharge for luggage. You do not pay more than 5 euros.

exist taxi services between the villages These are called "grand taxi”And they function as collectives. The tariffs They vary, but are shared equally among passengers. It should be noted that in each car (usually an old Mercedes sedan) 8 to 9 seats are enabled, so space is reduced. However, you can pay for the side seat for added comfort. The tariffs at night they are somewhat more expensive, and you will also have to pay for all seats if there are no more customers.

The highway network It is in good condition; however, the secondary pathways are usually very narrow. In the south, there are roads even one lane, but there is ample space on the sides, in case you find a car. The main cities are connected by freeways (many of them still under construction). The most important are the A3 between Casablanca and Rabat, the A7 between Casablanca and Marrakech and the A2 between Rabat and Fez. It is important to note that fuel stations are not very common in the field.

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