Ground Transportation – Peru

Peru has a very rugged geography, having that advantages and disadvantages.

A great advantage is that these natural divisions originate different climates and areas where fauna and flora change almost radically in a few kilometers. This provides greater wealth for Peru. However, it makes the ground transportation .

southern cross transport

You can reach almost the entire country using ground transportation. In Lima there are several transport companies that specialize in different destinations. The most popular destinations are Cuzco, Arequipa, Trujillo, Cajamarca, Chiclayo, etc.

Panamerican's highway

Throughout Peru crosses the Panamerican’s highway, the same that unites the countries of the south of the American continent with Panama. The Pan-American Highway passes throughout the country and is one of the best options for land transport.

An interoceanic highway is being built that will link Peru with the Brazilian Atlantic coast. That way the transport across South America It will be carried out on this road, which will open new opportunities not only for tourism but also for commercial ones.

If you travel from Lima to the jungle you will have to do it by plane (average of 80 euros round trip ticket). Being in the jungle You will have to transport yourself in boats and boats to reach various areas near rivers or deep inside the vegetation.

Boat ride

To visit the Sierra region, take into account that the trip can range between 5 to 16 hours (depending on the province) and the difficulty of accessing it.

Travel from Lima to Iquitos

Within the coast, the usual is ground transportation, although, to save time you can travel by plane both north and south of the capital.

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