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The trains in Portugal they are somewhat faster than traveling in bus, but the service does not cover the entire territory and costs more expensive. There are several options: “Alfa Pendular” trains are high-speed trains that connect the south of the country (Lisbon and the area of Algarve), with the north (Porto or Braga). The interurban service offers links on the axes LisbonPortGuimarães, LisbonGuard, Lisbon-Covilhã, LisbonÉvoraBeja Y LisbonLighthouse. Finally there is a whole network of trains Regional, interregional and suburban ensure extensive coverage of the entire national territory. For more information consult the website of trains in Portugal:

Portugal train

The subway circulates in the cities of Lisbon Y Port between 06:00 and 01:00. In the case of the Metro Lisbon, this covers the extensive area of ​​the city. It should be noted that the stations have been decorated with tile panels designed by Portuguese artists, which also makes them a tourist site. In Port The subway is recent, so there are only 5 lines (blue, red, yellow, green and violet) and a good part of the route is done per surface.

To reach each of the cities, towns or towns of Portugal, the best way is through regular bus services. For detailed information on routes, schedules and prices, consult the web page of “Rede Nacional de Expressos”, the largest bus company:

Portugal buses

The roads Main ones are very good and you can reach the most important cities without any problem. You can travel from north to south without leaving the highway. However, secondary roads are not in such good condition. Added to this is the fact that Portuguese driving habits are not among the most prominent in Europe. Therefore, traffic rules have become very severe in terms of speed limits, or driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.

The tolls have a Greenway, a toll system that allows payment by bank debit. It is intended only for holders of a green lane identifier, which is previously acquired at Brisa ( If you accidentally go through a Greenway without having paid it, you have 48 hours to go to an office and pay the cost without any fine. Its website is as follows:

Greenway Portugal

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