Ground Transportation – South Africa

It is highly recommended to rent a car and travel like this for all sights and cities, the highways are first class, the roads will allow you to reach the smallest cities, the car rental companies are distributed throughout the country, from the same airport you can rent one, in the one of Johannesburg You will have a wide variety.

Car rentals

Keep in mind that you should drive on the left side, usually the road regulations It is very similar to the European one, you just need your driver’s license to be valid, with a recent photo and written in English. But if you don’t have a high budget then the public transport It is another option, buses They are comfortable and fast, the rates usually change according to the route you take, unfortunately the distances are long so transportation can be expensive.

Bus in South Africa

In South Africa there is a network of taxi-minibusSo if you don’t mind traveling a little tight it’s a good option, plus buses Translux Express They are the cheapest and run the same routes. If you want to travel by taxi, keep in mind that you will not be able to find them easily on the street, it is necessary to call them by phone, we recommend you agree on the rate from the beginning and keep in mind that the driver expects a tip of 10%.

Taxi service

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