Guadalajara Zoo

Guadalajara Zoo It is one of the main tourist attractions of the city. His work in terms of wildlife protection is internationally recognized.

Guadalajara zoo Safari area

It houses a diversity of species and even has a safari, where the African savannah has been recreated, and where the animals are free and the visitor can have direct contact with them.

Guadalajara safari zoo

The zoo also has a Australian Villa, especially dedicated to housing the species of the Australian continent. Here a Latin American arrived for the first time Koala.
The Rain forest It is another of the curious spaces of this zoo because it has foggers that maintain the typical humidity of the jungle and a sound environment conducive to the place.

Guadalajara monkey zoo

Then there is the Herbarium, a large place and a bridge, where swamp crocodiles and turtles are found. In the Amazon there are the beautiful macaws that move freely along with the visitors.

Guadalajara giraffe zoo

Finally the zoo has a Veterinary Ranch in which the little ones can have contact with pets and be their veterinary doctors for a day.

Guadalajara Zoo Aquarium.

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